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Pleasant Grove Jr Eagles

The Pleasant Grove Jr Eagles organization is committed to fostering an inclusive and empowering environment for our youth participants. Our goal is to provide a platform where young athletes can develop football and spirit-leading skills, practice good sportsmanship, and build character and self-esteem. As part of our Jr. Eagles family, they will grow, learn, and have fun while embracing the values of teamwork, pride, and dedication.

Our Core Values:

  1. Skill Development: We prioritize skill development in both football and cheerleading. Through expert coaching and structured programs, we equip our participants with the tools they need to excel on and off the field.

  2. Sportsmanship: We instill the importance of fair play, respect, and integrity. Our athletes learn that winning is not just about the score but also about how they conduct themselves as individuals and as part of a team.

  3. Character Building: Beyond the game, we focus on character development. Our players and cheerleaders learn discipline, perseverance, and resilience—qualities that will serve them well throughout their lives.

  4. Community Engagement: We are deeply rooted in our community. As a non-profit organization, we are dedicated to serving the children and families of Pleasant Grove and beyond. Our volunteers, including community leaders and parents, play a vital role in shaping our program.

Eagle Pride:

At Pleasant Grove Jr Eagles, we strive to represent the spirit of the eagle. It’s more than a mascot—it’s a symbol of courage, vision, and unity. We want every family member to feel the embrace of Eagle Pride, knowing that together, we soar to new heights.

Our Achievements:

Since 2007, the Pleasant Grove Jr Eagles have been proud members of the Sacramento Youth Football Network (SYF). Our track record speaks for itself:

  • Division championships: We’ve competed at the highest level and emerged victorious.
  • Yearly playoffs: Our teams consistently qualify for the playoffs, showcasing their talent and determination.
  • Cheer competition championships: Our spirited cheerleaders have shone brightly in competitions throughout all seasons.

Our Jr. Eagles Family:

Our family extends beyond the field. It includes dedicated volunteers, parents, and community leaders. Each member brings unique perspectives and backgrounds, enriching our program. We believe that every family member contributes to our success, and without their support, our organization would not thrive.

Integration with Pleasant Grove High School:

We are committed to creating a seamless integration with Pleasant Grove High School (PGHS). By aligning our football and cheer program with PGHS, we aim to enhance the overall high school experience for our participants. This integration will foster a sense of community, tradition, and pride that extends beyond the playing field. Our goal is to build a lasting love for the game, connecting Jr. Eagles to the rich legacy of PGHS.

Join us as we continue to build character, create memories, and celebrate the joy of football and cheerleading. Together, we are the Pleasant Grove Jr Eagles!

Get Ready for an Action-Packed Season with Football and Cheer Pre-Season Clinics

Gear up for an exciting season ahead as The Pleasant Grove Jr Eagles announces a series of pre-season skills and conditioning clinics! In May and June we will offer these clinics for football and cheer. This is a perfect opportunity to fine-tune their skills, build team unity, and impress the coaching staff.

Led by experienced coaches, the clinics will cover essential techniques for football players including passing, catching, tackling, and defensive strategies. Cheerleaders will have the chance to enhance their routines, perfect stunts, and improve flexibility and endurance. These sessions aren't just about physical conditioning; they're also about fostering teamwork and camaraderie crucial for a successful season.

Participation is strongly encouraged for all team members, providing a platform to showcase dedication and potential. With a focus on safety and adhering to protocols, athletes can expect a productive and enjoyable experience. Don't miss out on this chance to elevate your game and connect with your teammates—join us for the pre-season clinics and get ready for an action-packed season ahead! For more information and registration details, contact

Calling All Football and Cheer Coaches!

Calling All Football and Cheer Coaches!

Do you love football or cheerleading? Do you enjoy coaching and mentoring young athletes to achieve their goals? If so, you might be the perfect fit for our team!

We are the Pleasant Grove Jr Eagles, a youth football and cheer organization based in Rancho Cordova, California. We are looking for experienced and enthusiastic coaches to join our staff and lead our players and cheerleaders to success.

As a coach, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Teach football or cheerleading strategies, techniques, and skills to players and cheerleaders of various ages and skill levels
  • Communicate effectively with players, cheerleaders, parents, and other coaches
  • Motivate players and cheerleaders to perform at their best and overcome challenges
  • Foster a positive and inclusive culture that promotes teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal growth
  • Shape the future of these athletes, both on and off the field or mat

To be a coach, you need to have:

  • A deep understanding of football or cheerleading and its rules
  • Excellent leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • A passion for coaching and developing young athletes
  • Experience in coaching at different levels, from youth to high school (preferred)

At our organization, we value our players, cheerleaders, and our coaches. We offer:

  • A supportive and friendly environment
  • A competitive compensation package
  • A chance to make a difference in the lives of young athletes
  • A fun and rewarding experience

If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate to apply! We are eager to have you on board and welcome you to our football and cheer family!

Apply now and let your coaching skills shine!

We can’t wait to meet you and hear from you soon!

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Plesant Grove Jr Eagles